13 January, 2010

The Duchess Desires . . .

D. Porthault Linens

At the risk of sounding . . . common, the Duchess admits that when she finally lies down to die and go to heaven, she insists that it be upon a bed overwhelmed with D. Porthault linens.

D. Porthault, founded in Paris in 1920, has been the purveyor of feminine, whimsical and yet timeless heirloom linens (bed sheets, towels, dinner napkins and the like) to those in the know (and in the money).

(See the touch of Porthault on the European shams resting on their corners on the bed? Quintessential Buatta! Photograph courtesy of Architectural Digest.)

(D. Porthault's iconic Heart pattern, designed for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.)

D. Porthault linens are almost impossible to find in this mid-century-obsessed town, a fact pleasing to the Duchess only because she is comforted that no one else will dash out and bogart the local supply. (For the best selection seen by the Duchess in Los Angeles, visit Indigo Seas, Lynn von Kersting's charming magasin on Robertson Boulevard, smack dab next to the family business -- The Ivy.) The Duchess somehow overheard that D. Porthault linens cover the mattresses of the suites at the SLS Hotel; couldn't Mr. Stark have draped the entire establishment in D. Porthault? The Duchess might be inticed to visit, if only . . . .

(D. Porthault linens in the guestroom of the Hamptons house of Veronica Swanson and Jamie Beard, photograph courtesy of Elle Decor.)

(Tablescape featuring D. Porthault linens, photograph courtesy of House Beautiful.)

(For a budget thrill, may the Duchess suggest a D. Porthault washcloth or hand towel?)

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