17 January, 2010

The Duchess Dines . . .

Mr. Chow

For the Duchess's second 29th birthday, a cadre of nearest and dearest took her out for a celebratory dinner at the local Mr. Chow. Quite a sacrifice given that it was Gay Pride weekend and most of her dinner companions would otherwise be celebrating that significant holiday.

Luckily the Duchess and co. have no time for perusing menus, so we just rely on the officious waitstaff to bring over the prix fixe. And after several glasses of champagne, who really cares about the menu?

No cameras, please.

Helmed by the legendary Michael and Eva Chow, Mr. Chow Beverly Hills is (of course) only one in a long line of celeburaunts found around the globe.

(David Hockney, Mr. Chow, matchbox cover of Mr. Chow Knightsbridge)

Quite a fitting choice for the Duchess's birthday fete. Per Alan Richman of the Gentleman's Quarterly magazine, Mr. Chow and the Duchess have much in common:

"[The Duchess] is an establishment that cannot be defined by customary standards but must be appreciated for its sheer fabulousness."

Mr. Chow
344 North Camden Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90201

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