30 January, 2010

The Duchess Recommends . . .

Birth Announcements

Excitement never ends for the Duchess. This morning she awoke, jet lagged and groggy, to a message from her dear brother proclaiming that he and his wife were at the hospital, ready to welcome their firstborn. This afternoon that precious gent was born, and in celebration of that historic event, the Duchess commits this post to the art of announcing the delivery of nature's most perfect bounty -- a baby.

Sarah LeClere, Stork Announcement

This stork is adorable, perfect for a shower, tea or birth/adoption announcement for boy or girl. A timeless design.

Crane & Co., Rocket Card

For a fun-loving, casual look, this Rocket Card by Crane & Co. communicates class in its materials and construction but joie de vivre in its colors and designs.

Crane & Co., Ecru Note and Rule Lines

The Duchess also likes this Crane & Co. card for its simplicity, grace and elegance.

Luscious Verde, White Whale

A whimsical, colorful design, again appropriate for boy or girl baby. (Could also make a cute birthday card invitation for the toddler years.)

Kate Spade Paperie, Hedgehog Family

For the family preferring a more modern aesthetic, the graphic colors and print of this Kate Spade card, with its touch of humor (one doesn't see hedgehogs every day!), would convey perfectly hipness and savoir faire.

Vera Wang, Sunny Surprise

The Duchess adores the lush, springtime hues of this announcement by Vera Wang. Ideal for a peanut born in April, May or June, or with a name conjuring up the warmth and light of those months (Sunny, Autumn, Summer, Poppy . . .).

Kate Spade Paperie, Lavender Love

Pretty, with enough color to stand out and it's a unique one too. By Vera Wang. (Love that name, what a lucky baby.)

William Arthur, Birds Announcement

A delicate, feminine design for the traditional family to announce the birth of their Margaret, Elizabeth, Lily, or Grace.

Robyn Miller Designs, Happy Tulips Announcement

The spirit and exuberance of this card is terrific. A bit on the cutesy side for the Duchess, perhaps, but the colors are fit for a Missoni twin set.

PiPo Press, Birthday Blooms August

Completely fresh and new. This card pops, and it would be a memorable announcement for a modern mommy.

Checkerboard Designs, Have You Heard? Announcement

This card hints of Alice in Wonderland-ish curiosity; the contrast of the darkly lined envelope with the light and easy design of the card is provocative and maybe even a bit ill-designed. Still, there was something about this card that caught the Duchess's attention; what do you think, readers?

William Arthur, Cabana Announcement

Lest we forget the twins, here is one of the Duchess's favorite, favorite, favorite announcements, and ideal for multiples. And this card is versatile -- it isn't gender-specific (great for men or women making birth or adoption announcements), and it could be repurposed for any number of invitations or notes, from a summer birthday celebration to a party of cocktails and barbecue in the Southern climes.

Noteworthy Collection, Home Grown Twins

This card has a more romantic feel, more sentimental. It's old-fashioned in a way, and the Duchess loves its handmade attitude.

simplyput, Chocolate Bunnies Announcement

An adorable option for the parents of twins.

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