12 January, 2010

The Duchess Recommends . . .

"A Single Man," a film by Tom Ford.

(Yes, the Tom Ford.)

"A Single Man" was second on The Duchess's Saturday double-bill at the Landmark. (The Duchess favors the Landmark because of its handy cocktail lounge, parfait for pre- or post-show refreshment. The Duchess recommends the Justin Cabernet -- thanks, Preston!) Perhaps in her impatience to see "A Single Man," the Duchess created expectations too great for the film to meet. But it is a sentimentally provocative love story with a shockingly stunning cast, divine Los Angeleno interiors, and cigarettes wrapped in nifty purple tobacco paper.

Colin Firth's performance was outstanding, and costume design by the unparalleled Arianne Phillips impressed beyond belief.

The movie is based on the autobiographical novel by the late Christopher Isherwood, a British author who came to Los Angeles, fell in love with a teenaged boy named Don Bachardy, and lived with Bachardy in Santa Monica canyon until the end of Isherwood's life. Colin Firth plays the character George Falconer, based on Isherwood.

For a full-length interview with Isherwood, visit The Paris Review.

Julianne Moore is lushly boozy and gorgeous as Falconer's best friend and former lover, Charlotte ("Charley"). Her hair and makeup are perfection, as is her glamorous Hollywood deco home. Her oft-photographed semi-circular sofa has been the toast of design blogs everywhere; The Duchess has seen it en personne, readers, and it is simply fabulous.

Tom Ford and Colin Firth make quite a beautiful pair, n'est-ce pas?

"A Single Man," showing on many screens in Los Angeles.


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  2. Thanks for confirming, Duchess. This movie is definitely on my "must-see" short list! Both Tom and Colin have aged like fine wine. Ils sont trop beaux! Gucci hasn't been the same without Tom, may I add.



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