31 January, 2010

The Duchess Retreats . . .

The Malibu Beach Inn

This afternoon the Duchess had a reasonably leisurely visit with the Marchioness, and discussion inevitably turned to spring and summer vacations. Having just completed her tax return (see "Drink Early, Drink Often"), the Duchess was in no position to fantasize about far-flung locales or exotic activities (art gallery tripping through Naples? that oft-mentioned but never scheduled spa trip to Koh Samui? architectural tour of Algiers?); this spring's getaway must be refreshingly simple.

Luckily California is replete with breathtakingly gorgeous natural vistas, including those right up the road in Malibu. There, on the glistening Carbon Beach, sits the Malibu Beach Inn, an utterly plush and serene getaway just a hop/skip from Los Angeles.

Drive up for dinner on a Friday night and make sure to be seated on the terrace. The calming views over the water will relax the knots right out of your shoulders, and the food is tasty and reasonably well-priced. One may dine indoors of course, but why California if not for outdoor dining? There is a handy bar right off the lobby, perfect for a post-dinner Sauternes or pre-dinner champagne, and just right in the morning for coffee and reading the paper in front of the fireplace.

The rooms are cozy and nicely appointed. There are 47 rooms total at the Inn, with six luxury suites, and all rooms have panoramic views of the water. Many of the rooms are appointed with fireplaces; for a soothing experience, the Duchess recommends falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing on the beach while being warmed by an in-room fire. Grab a bottle of California wine from the room's selection and voila! Sleep will be yours.

In the morning, stroll along the beach, or curl up on the terrace with a good book. After checkout, zip back to Los Angeles, where you're sure to be restored enough to handily win your weekly tennis match -- as though you wouldn't anyway.

Malibu Beach Inn
22878 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, California 90265
Tel. 310.456.6444

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