17 February, 2010

The Duchess Dines . . .

Casa Lever

Day two in New York, and dinner was at Casa Lever (Empress and Earl in tow). Located in the Lever Building at Park and 53rd, the creatively renamed Casa Lever set up residence in the former Lever House space, a honeycomb designed by Marc Newson. Casa Lever serves up Italian cafe fare derived from the menus at the proprietors' other restaurant empire, runaway success Sant Ambroeus.

The Duchess had turbot, an entree favorite that hearkens to a memorable dinner at The Salt House in St. John's Wood with the King and Queen about a decade ago. Do you remember, darlings? The Duchess does! The poached egg and prosciutto frisee salad was serviceable, and given the Duchess's intent to avoid gaining a stone during her New York tenure, no dessert was taken.

The Lever Building is owned by real estate maestro Aby Rosen (husband of the elegant Samantha Boardman); a multi-wall-sized collection of his Warhols encases the dining room. The crowd was midtown-fashionable, to the extent that is possible, and although the waitstaff was attractive, they could have been more attentive. There is a gleaming, rosy marble bar that doubles as an espresso counter, and an open back room that sits above the fray and allows for the best people-watching.

Overall the meal at Casa Lever was reasonably satisfying, but perhaps not satisfying enough to merit a trip to the gym at Bliss Spa in lieu of digestivo.

Casa Lever (formerly Lever House)
390 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10022

P.S. Casa Lever's most intriguing feature was a blissful, magnetic cover of "Lady Madonna" by the Beatles playing on the WC muzak; can anyone help the Duchess out with the relevant artist?

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