19 February, 2010

The Duchess Dines . . .

Solo, Bemelman's Bar, La Grenouille

The end of a very long week is in sight. The Duchess can almost feel the down comforter pull over her head, itself sunken into pillows, bringing sleep over her as if a blanket. Of course peaceful slumber will be the Duchess's only after tonight's culinary indulgence at La Grenouille . . .

to which she is very much looking forward. La Grenouille, of course, serves classic French cuisine (quennelles of pike lyonnaise, anyone?) in the sumptuous, classic French style.

But La Grenouille is not your taste? As the saying says, de gustibus non disputandum. For example, Solo, last night's dinner spot, would not have been the Duchess's first choice. What is Solo, you ask? Solo is a glatt kosher, Mediterranean/Asian eatery located off the Sony arcade (55th and Madison Ave.). In a half-hearted attempt to combat a week of indulgence, the Duchess opted for a dinner on the lighter side -- tuna tartare and a delicate green salad. Her gentlemen companions all ordered the cowboy steak with polenta fries (potato fries on the side!). In truth the food was well-prepared (the Duchess sampled some lamb meatballs and sliders brought as appetizers and a trio of "ice cream" sandwiches for dessert), with bold flavors and a clean approach.

Duo, the Duchess headed uptown to Bemelman's for a nightcap. Very crowded! Still very divine.

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