05 February, 2010

The Duchess Gives, and Receives . . .

Jimmy Choo for The Brittany Foundation

This week the Duchess suffered from that ever-present, ever-pesky ailment -- no, not ennui! -- the winter cold. Sniffles and coughs combined with fifteen hour work days make the Duchess a slightly duller girl than she normally is, but never fear, readers. This Grace has stamina.

To wit, the Duchess made her way on Tuesday night to the Jimmy Choo store down the road for a fundraiser benefiting The Brittany Foundation. The Brittany Foundation is a nonprofit charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, care and placement of homeless dogs. Although The Brittany Foundation rescues all dogs regardless of breed, it focuses its efforts on harder-to-place dogs such as seniors, disableds, and abused dogs. A good friend of the Duchess's is a major supporter of The Brittany Foundation (and many other wonderful animal rescue groups) and she organized that lavish fete in its honor.

Over 100 people turned out to coo for Choos and support the Foundation, and Jimmy Choo President, the darling Brian Henke, flew out from New York especially to attend given the tremendous RSVP returns. Some of the Duchess's nearest and dearest also made it out, and everyone went home with a new pair of Choos, resting a tad bit easier knowing that a percentage of the profits on each pair was donated to The Brittany Foundation.

For the Duchess (divine with navy).

For the Lady.

For the Empress.

Although popping in to your local Jimmy Choo store will no longer yield a benefit to The Brittany Foundation, you may visit them online at http://brittanyfoundation.homestead.com. Make a donation (or better yet, adopt a dog!) today.

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