28 February, 2010

The Duchess Observes . . .

Kimberly Brooks, The Stylist Project, Taylor de Cordoba

Kimberly Brooks, Elizabeth Stewart

Perhaps, dear readers, many of you think it is all fun and games for the Duchess. Blogs about fabulous restaurants, cozy hotels, inspired art, and the occasional smutty novel. But of course, the Duchess, like anyone, suffers her fair share of indignities and comeuppances.

Take, for example, the events of this weekend. The Duchess made it safely alive out of Stormageddon and returned to the sunny, warm climes of Los Angeles. Sweet relief. Looking excitedly forward to her Friday night ritual with the Marchioness (reading the week's papers and supervising four little lords as they run roughshod over the Marchioness's entire manor), the Duchess was stunned by the devastating news -- lice infested the lords' school. Thus Friday night was devoted to an attempted complete de-lousing of all hair, bedding, clothing and available surfaces.

Saturday required a return trip to Target for restocking of lice combatants. Fully armed with new towels and blankets, lavender shampoo (the natural remedy) and RID, the Duchess and her progeny set off for the car, determined as they were to enjoy an evening out on the town. But they were confronted with another obstacle -- a completely flat right rear tire. Of course, one would normally have a spare on hand, but as the Duchess endured a flat tire only weeks ago, the spare was of course on the car itself. Not only need the Duchess-mobile be towed, it would remain deflated until Monday morning, when the tire will be replaced.

But these bumps in the road can't stop the Duchess. Following a swift pickup by Nanny, the foursome headed up La Cienega to the opening of Kimberly Brooks's show The Stylist Project at Taylor de Cordoba.

The glamourous portraits of Hollywood's leading stylists and fashion insiders, chronicled by Ovation reporters and anxiously awaited by all, created a welcome respite from the day's anxieties. The Duchess thought the portraits were very well-executed and captured the essence of each of the stylists that Brooks sought to paint. A who's who of LA notables were on hand to laud Brooks's work featuring Jessica Paster, genius Arianne Phillips, Andrea Lieberman, Jeanne Yang (one-half of the Holmes & Yang label, the other half obviously being Mrs. Tom Cruise), and the ubiquitous Rachel Zoe, retailers Rose Apodaca (of Venice and Silver Lake boutique A+R) and Cameron Silver (of Decades and Decades Two), "Mad Men" costume designer Janie Bryant, friend and fashion maven (and burlesque attire expert) Liz Goldwyn, and New York Times Magazine stylist Elizabeth Stewart (who was on-hand, even more gorgeous than her portrait suggests, and very complimentary of the lords' pyjamas).

Janie Bryant

Rose Apodaca

Thus the Duchess observes, and recommends:

Kimberly Brooks, The Stylist Project
now through April 3
Taylor de Cordoba
2660 South La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90034

Park at your own risk.

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