03 March, 2010

The Duchess Anticipates . . .

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards

For those of you living under a rock, the Duchess wants you to remember that it is Oscar week in LA -- the equivalent of Carnival in Rio, Oktoberfest in Munchen. There are no discernibly available hotel rooms, there are no discernibly available decent tables at decent restaurants. Robertson Boulevard is a veritable parking lot, and every art gallery or consortium worth its salt had or is having an opening the very first week of March. Utter chaos, as if a swarm of locusts, has descended. Better take refuge in some cigarettes, champagne, and hot rollers . . .

As civilians, we must endure the indignities of Oscar season without enjoying any of its benefits. There are no gift bag galas for us; no free professional pedicures; no surfeit of spicy tuna cones at Spago. And certainly no opportunity to don a gorgeous gown and transform ourselves for the evening from mere royalty (ahem) to Hollywood royalty.

At least a Duchess can dream. In homage to that sturdy little man whose appellation aptly begins with the big "O," the Duchess presents her Oscar season fantasy wardrobe.

Carolina Herrera, Pre-Fall 2010

Undisputably there is nothing more absolutely beautiful than this stunner from Carolina Herrera. Putting to one side the fact that the model's brows and lips are made up to perfection, the sumptuous jewel colors, the print, and the big ruby bow are enough to send the Duchess running for some lithium. How depressing she can't stroll the red carpet in this. Oh well, since she can't wear white for the #2, maybe she can wear this as she strolls down the aisle?

Oscar de la Renta, Pre-Fall 2010

The Duchess knows what all of you are thinking. NO ONE is going to wear this dress to the Oscars. But they should. Despite the sheer cleverness of wearing an Oscar gown, this look actually has personality, depth, color and pizzazz -- something many of Hollywood's princesses are sorely lacking. Wouldn't they do to express some creativity for a change?

Matthew Williamson, Pre-Fall 2010

The Duchess could see this ombre sequined number on Rosamund Pike from "An Education." She's gorgeous but not flawless; being tall she certainly has the figure to pull this one off (and on!). Ms. Pike also makes appearances wearing a simple pony and restrained makeup palette. She has the chutzpah for this.

Yves Saint Laurent, Pre-Fall 2010

No one wears pants on the red carpet, but this YSL suit is gorgeous. The chartreuse and deep dutch blue create a revolutionary color combination, wild but well-matched to the conservative cut. Couldn't we see this on a director (Kathryn Bigelow, "The Hurt Locker") instead of your typical Armani? We all know Ms. Bigelow wears the pants, and always has!

Jean Paul Gaultier, Pre-Fall 2010

Another divine suit, this time by Gaultier. (Yes, that Jean Paul Gaultier, the one whose "Go! International" designs for Target coincidentally launch the same day as the Oscars.) The Duchess sees this on Melanie Laurent ("Inglourious Basterds"), she wore a suit at Cannes, and it was her best premiere look to date.

Marc Jacobs, Resort 2010

Just in case the Duchess lands a last-minute invite to some shimmery fete high above the twinkling lights of her fair city, she has, of course, made wardrobe arrangements. This Marc Jacobs will be just right for a "casual" Oscar lunch (though the platforms might be tricky on the grass). Though the weather in Los Angeles is a bit cool right now, it doesn't matter -- the three layers of Spanx worn underneath will keep the Duchess cozy.

Alexander Wang, available at www.netaporter.com

Adore this Alexander Wang shirtdress for cocktails. It's a bit baggier on top so the Duchess won't have to duct tape her bosoms to fit -- what a relief!

Marc Jacobs

Some of us, the lucky few, actually do have serious wardrobe decisions to make this week. (Marchioness, are you listening?) Here the Duchess offers a choice or two for her beautiful friend in dire need of a party frock. The black wrap sweater detail on this Marc Jacobs would be just right for the Marchioness who is hooked on her little black wrap sweaters. She would be at home in this and it's eminently re-wearable.

The Duchess also likes the color and simplicity of this Barbara Tfank dress for the Marchioness. Barbara Tfank is the elegant Los Angeles-based, former film costume designer; she is steeped in Hollywood glamour and it shows. Simply a lovely dress for an evening dinner or cocktail party, and with different accessories becomes a completely different dress.

See you on Sunday, darlings!

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  1. YSL's (updated) Le Smoking Suit got my vote!



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