24 March, 2010

The Duchess Considers . . .

"High Society," on The CW

Watching "High Society," the CW's new "reality" program, is for the Duchess much like horseback riding -- something that she desperately wants to do on a regular basis, but never really sets aside the time for. (How can she, when "Bored to Death" is on HBO re-runs, "How to Make It" is going gangbusters, and "Minute by Minute" by The Doobie Brothers (on vinyl!) is always calling her name?) But we simply must start.

"High Society" chronicles the rise and fall of Tinsley Randolph Mercer Mortimer (Lawrenceville, Columbia Univ.), a recent divorcee whose party-going ways facilitated the parting of ways with her socially entrenched better half, Topper Mortimer. Riding Tins's rollercoaster are her sister, Dabney Mercer, best friend (and lawyer?) Alexandra Osipow, the apparently deranged Jules Kirby and self-described "Page Six scandal boy" Paul Johnson Calderon.

A considerable amount of the storyline (to the extent there is one) focuses on Tinsley's move to "midtown Manhattan," a place where only worker bees and the Duchess courageously tread. Of course, you'd cry too if it happened to you -- leaving her perfectly appointed UES apartment, that is!

Photographs courtesy of House Beautiful via Habitually Chic

No doubt masterminded by her (soon-to-be) former mother-in-law, Ms. Senga Mortimer of House Beautiful magazine, Tins's apartment was quite simply classic and glamorous. It's too bad we cannot see it on the show, non?

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