06 March, 2010

The Duchess Enjoys . . .

Indigo Seas, Chateau Marmont, Friends

Interior of Indigo Seas

After the lice/flat tire/work marathon the Duchess recently endured, she was poised to truly enjoy a day like today. After a long jog (pre-rain!) this morning, she stopped by Indigo Seas, the shop masterminded by famous and fabulous decorator Lynn von Kersting. Ms. von Kersting is also a part-owner of The Ivy restaurant, and her boutique (chockablock with vintage French accessories and textiles) is located directly next door on Robertson Boulevard.

An interior by Lynn von Kersting

Amazingly, this morning Ms. von Kersting herself was in residence at the shop, and she was so incredibly stunning, gracious and thoughtful. After giving the Duchess carte blanche access to her entire boutique, as the Duchess left, she gifted her with a beautiful, hand-made and hand-embroidered tunic from India. The Duchess was so touched, and so thrilled.

Another of Ms. von Kersting's interiors.

Ms. von Kersting is known throughout the world for her colorful, ethnic-inspired and layered looks. There is no one with a vision like hers, which is incredibly unique. Her signature color is red, and each of her interiors is shot through with a heavy dose of it. It serves the same purpose as a dose of vermilion on the lips of a Robert Palmer video "actress" -- it's sexy and traditional at the same time.

Later the Duchess and Baroness took brunch at the Chateau Marmont. After they retired to the Baroness's parents' home, and then to the home of the Baroness herself. It was an almost perfect day.

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