11 March, 2010

The Duchess Observes . . .

Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton

Elle MacPherson

Who else but the venerable Marc Jacobs could open a show with the "butter and creme fraiche" breasted Laetitia Costa and close it out with the 46 year old (former?) supermodel Elle MacPherson? The Duchess thinks . . . no one. Jacobs's show for Louis Vuitton, held yesterday at the Cour Cuvee du Louvre and set to the music of "And God Created Woman," paid tremendous homage to the shape and form of woman, in all her demure-but-sexy glory.

Laetitia Costa

Picking up where Ms. Prada left off, Jacobs incarnated a more sensual woman, perhaps less overtly intellectual and independent, and more subtly powerful. Now, not all of the clothes were necessarily to the Duchess's liking, but presented herein are a few standouts that even the Duchess would deign to don.

A chic, full-skirted suit, work- and evening-appropriate and timeless.

This strapless cocktail number on the luscious Catherine MacNeil doesn't flatter quite the way Jacobs's bustier-enhancing dresses do, but the overall look (paired, of course, with a discreet hold-'em-in-and-up brassiere) would be darling at a wedding, or, covered with a grey cashmere cardigan or perfectly cut black jacket, quite nice for a creative's professional appearance. The Duchess can see this one on Rachel Feinstein, perhaps (too demure for our grande dame Yvonne Villareal).

Sharp-shouldered, double-breasted midnight blue overcoat? Check. Updated Speedy in detailed chocolate leather? Check. Lush, gorgeous, sweeping skirt with ladylike, bow-enhanced midi-heels? Check. Much classier and more elegant than all that Jason Wu the First Lady is wearing.

Another Rachel Feinstein-inspired look. Has Monsieur Jacobs forsaken his former muse, Victoria Beckham, with her precision-cut bob and elbows? Perhaps. None of these looks would work on the moderne and teeny-tiny Ms. Beckham, who in any event is now designing her own clothes (some of which even made appearances - gasp! - at post-Oscar parties. They are sold somewhere in Los Angeles, the Duchess bets on it.) No, no, Ms. Feinstein would wear this appropriately with some big fur and her pin curls, with her red lips and ginger hair, just about anywhere. Since the Duchess is a big fan of Ms. Feinstein and the work of her adorable hubby (wink wink), she approves.

Coco Rocha, the Duchess does love you, but this dress? The verdict is still out, but the Duchess is leaning to a big fat "no" on this one. Dear readers, your views?

Another fantastic work-appropriate look. Caroline Trentini could wear a paper bag and look terrific, of course, but this work is quite versatile: the jacket extends the age range interminably, and the unexpected colors seem very fresh for fall. When, oh when, will Zara copycat this look and sell it to us Westsiders?

J'adore this cozy cream-colored sweater and matching skirt. Now, there was nary a pant leg to be found on Jacobs's runway. Quite clearly pants are within the purview of Signore Armani, and practicality is the price we often pay for fantasy, but the Duchess urges Mr. Jacobs to consider: a curvaceous, sexy woman can cover herself up in pants and not lose any of her moxie. Indeed, she may have an easier time maneuvering her hands were they freed from that ubiquitous Speedy?

Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova made a rare runway appearance. She's been quite busy Angel-ing around and decorating her multi-million dollar Tribeca loft (is there any other kind?). But she looks fabulous in this form-fitting sweater dress, perhaps the most wearable piece from the Fall 2010 collection. Any woman could throw this on in the morning and look spectacular -- this is definitely on the Duchess's wish list for her fall wardrobe (Duke? ahem. Pay attention now.).

Merci tres, tres beaucoups to Style.com for the photographs featured above.

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