17 March, 2010

The Duchess Recommends . . .

Wedding Attire

Ah, spring. It appears it has finally arrived in Los Angeles. And it brings with it the lush promise of upcoming weddings, school vacations, and -- most importantly -- polo matches. On the subject of weddings, yesterday the Countess consulted with the Duchess concerning options for a flower girl dress for her darling daughter. A stranger to the bride herself, the Duchess makes the following recommendations, depending, of course, on the bride's cup of tea.

The "More is More" Bride

D&G Silk Dress

This silk dress from D&G is gorgeous. The plentiful silk rosettes, full skirt and demure sleeves make this dress an ideal choice for the classic but discerning bride.

The Duchess also likes this Deco dress from Crewcuts, J. Crew's kid sister. Very nice for a rehearsal dinner.

The Duchess swoons for this Let Them Eat Cake Dress. The print is so unexpected, it's very romantic but still sweet and youthful, and certainly could be worn again.

The Beachy Bride

The Josephine dress from Baby CZ would be great at a casual affair on a Caribbean beach.

As would this Halabaloo dress, with its darling candy stripes.

The Euro Bride

The Euro Bride most likely will marry in a church, in an historic and deeply traditional ceremony. She will appropriately cover up, as should her attendants and flower girls. These Italian dresses from Anichini inspire the Duchess to dream about Lake Como nuptials, some combination of the Michael Corleone/Appolonia (Godfather I) and Phillip Radziwill/Devon Schuster (Vogue magazine) ceremonies of Sicily and Gstaad, respectively.

The Country Club Bride

Bridal teas, chicken salad and hydrangeas, the Country Club bride knows thee well. She prefers something tasteful, classic, with clean lines and only a hint of color. The Ashby dress from Baby CZ, with its navy trim, would be lovely at the morning-after brunch.

This Spot dress in gold from Marie Chantal is divine. Marie Chantal has adorably complimentary gold ballet flats to match, and with the headband -- to die for!

Smitherman and Barnwell makes absolutely fabulous dresses (though none in the Duchess's size, sadly). The Country Club Bride would love this pink champagne-colored shantung beauty. Timeless.

The Boheme Bride

Near and dear to the Duchess's heart, the Boheme Bride, with her devil-may-care attitude, her YSL Le Smoking, perhaps a Philip Treacy hat tilted just so, and her penchant for strutting down the aisle (solo, bien sur) to some Blood, Sweat and Tears. Surely she would love this Little Marc Jacobs dress? Very Laurel Canyon.

For the moody, baroque (East Coast?) Boheme Bride, the Duchess presents this Smitherman and Barnwell frock in mustard, with cinnamon flowers at the waist and shoulder. Just restrained enough to be flower girl-appropriate but way out in color palette. An autumn wedding outdoors in Vermont, perhaps? Crazy for this completely fresh look.

And finally, for the Boheme (read: rehab) Bride, may the Duchess suggest this acid green dress showered in drippy, bright florals? It's a strong contender for the Duchess's favorite among the lot (perhaps edged out ever so slightly by that precious little D&G, above), and the Duchess certainly would wear it NOW.

Bonne chance, Countess! Luckily your daughter is so gorgeous she would be divine in a paper bag, but what fun would that be for Mommie to buy?


  1. The Countess of GMarch 17, 2010 at 6:39 PM

    I LOVE the mustard dress. And the Crewcuts is perfect for a rehearsal dinner as you say (when do they go wrong for girls...?). Love most of the other dresses too but these are the orders: 1) from the bride: flower girl may not be in white (not even as the main colour of dress) 2) from Father of the flower girl: no patterns. Therefore, of the above list the mustard is deemed a perfect choice.

  2. Crewcuts is beyond reproach in its offerings for the young ones, it's true. We will defer to Father on this one only (see "The 'Oscar' Curse, and Then Some," above).



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