30 March, 2010

The Duchess Recommends . . .

The Getty, International Silks and Woolens

Although it may appear as though all is quiet on the Western front, it has in fact been quite hectic of late. The Duchess does apologize for the delay in posting, but she has been so busy with a new endeavor (not yet ready for the unveiling) that it has taken up all of her "free" time. That, and she and the lords had an active weekend involving trips to the Getty (for a picnic with Baroness and family) and the Santa Monica Pier.

The highlight of the Duchess's weekend was a score of serious yardage of chintz from International Silks and Woolens. The selection there is absolutely beyond, the shopkeeps are incredibly pleasant and helpful, and the Duchess will most certainly return in the very near future. Thank you, International Silks!

The Duchess recommends . . .

International Silks and Woolens
8347 Beverly Boulevard (at the Kings Road)
Los Angeles, California 90048
tel. 323.653.6453

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