18 April, 2010

The Duchess Decides . . .

Farrow and Ball

A terrifically fun, but terribly exhausting, weekend! It all began on Friday with a seemingly endless stream of cocktails and appetizers at the famed Il Moro with a handful of royal consorts, and from there . . . well, the Duchess isn't quite certain what happened next. All she knows is that Saturday involved another seemingly endless stream, this time of antiques and paint colors.

As we all know the duchy is relocating to Sycamore Square in the coming days and the Duchess is practically apoplectic over certain crucial decor decisions. One, the dining room table. Massive, obviously, but Art Deco blonde burled walnut or a 1920s painted Italian? This is the kind of question currently keeping the Duchess up past her bedtime. (She is not complaining, of course.)

The second pressing question involves selection of paint colors for the Duchess's new digs. After burying herself in a Farrow and Ball fan deck . . .

she believes she has decided on the perfect hues to complement her, and her interior. ("Parma Gray" and "Pink Ground", anyone?)

Farrow and Ball, of course, is the British maker of fine paints in sumptuous colors that is the favorite of many a decorator, including John Fowler himself, after whom a paint is named ("Fowler Pink"). "Card Room Green", "Off White", and "Old White" were selected to cover the walls of historic Long Room at Lord's Cricket Ground, top, and also by paint specialist Charles Hesp in restoring part of the drum at St. Paul's Cathedral (below). Good enough for the Holy See is good enough for me.

In other news we have quite the week ahead of us, don't we, readers? The Los Angeles Antiques Show kicks off this Wednesday with its gala event benefitting P.S. Arts, and then we face a veritable parade of book signings, mini-fetes, et cetera et cetera. More to come later, for now the Duchess is off to bed. Sweetest dreams, darlings!

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