25 April, 2010

The Duchess Dreams . . .

of Art and New Orleans

All artwork and images by Amanda Talley

How the Duchess longs for a vacation! This time last year she was packing up for France, but this year? Courtesy of dear old Uncle Sam (not the Duchess's brother, the other one), the Duchess is all dressed up with nowhere to go. A girl can dream, though, can she not?

Now that all that silly football hysteria has worn off, the Duchess's first destination shall be New Orleans. New Orleans is experiencing a pop culture revival of sorts, what with hell freezing over and and the airing of much-hyped-about David Simon/HBO series "Treme" (that's "Tre-may" to you, Uncle Sam -- we're quite sure you don't know your Nawlins' geography). So the Duchess, in all her naivete, will cruise down to that old Crescent City and exercise her parlez-vous, s'il vous plait. And even if you don't.

First stop, Studio Amanda Talley. Ms. Talley (besides being young, gorgeous and well-educated, thus we hate her already, don't we, readers?) is a gifted artist with an emerging national profile, particularly within the design/decorating community. Being such addicts for composition, symmetry, color synergy, and well, beauty, Ms. Talley's works strike a chord among us. They are feminine, to be sure, but neither frilly nor romantic; they are abstract and modern without feeling cold, harsh or unemotional. The Duchess loves them, and she isn't alone.

The Duchess is certain that the talented, perspicacious Ms. Talley will be the ideal dining companion and tour guide. And perhaps, if the Duchess is on her best behavior, she can persuade Ms. Talley to part with one of her amazing artworks to anchor the Duchess's new home? Darling, let's talk!

Thus the Duchess recommends . . .

Amanda Stone Talley
Studio Amanda Talley
First at Magazine, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

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  1. What a great post! I especially liked the part about the gorgeousness! Thank you for writing such and fun and lively article. Hell has frozen over and it's time for you to come visit..I'l totally show you around! Preferably sooner than later!!



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