28 April, 2010

The Duchess Enjoys . . .

Mark Hampton: An American Decorator, by Duane Hampton

In 1998, America lost one of its most renowned and adored decorators, Mark Hampton, Jr. Hampton, the legend of design studio Mark Hampton Inc., veteran of David Hicks and McMillen, and forever Renaissance man decorated the finest interiors across the country, from Denise and Prentiss Hale's Russian Hill apartment to the Hamptons rental of Susan and Carter Burden.

His beloved wife Duane (along with daughter Alexa) keep Hampton's torch burning brightly. Alexa is now the principal of Mark Hampton LLC, and a noted designer in her own right. Duane celebrates her late husband in a more intimate and literary way -- she has just published the spectacularly beautiful tome Mark Hampton: An American Decorator. All of his exquisite interiors, along with practical advice and amusing anecdotes, come together here.

Photograph courtesy of Architectural Digest

Today Mrs. Hampton sat sipping peach iced tea under an umbrella in the pea gravel-strewn courtyard of Hollyhock, Inc.'s new space on La Cienega. Gracious and charming, her filigreed signature upon the title page of each buyer's book, Mrs. Hampton represented class and dignity, serentiy and liveliness -- all Hampton hallmarks.

Photograph Courtesy of Architectural Digest

It was a very fine showing indeed, and the Duchess applauds Mrs. Hampton and her beautiful book. A fitting tribute to a loving husband, dear friend, and phenomenal decorator. Hampton lived by the rule applicable to us all: As an observer recalled of him, "His mind was as well furnished as his rooms."

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  1. Wow - check out that trellis-pattern dining room. How much have we seen that recently? He started so many trends that are still prominent today. I need to get this book!



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