17 April, 2010

The Duchess Hunts . . .

Salterini Wrought Iron Furniture

Maurizio Tempestini Patio Set at Red

Another gorgeous Southern California day, with clear skies spared thus far from the spouting ash plume of the infamous Icelandic volcanic eruption. The perfect day to loll about in the sun, quaffing Pimm's or Lillet (blanc, bien sur), and reading about the latest Wall Street scandal (it's a good one this time!).

But ah, the Duchess lacks the perfect outdoor equipment necessary for her aims, so today she is on the hunt for a bit of Salterini. Who, dear readers, you may ask? Mr. Salterini was an Italian immigrant who manufactured fanciful and rich wrought iron furniture from 1928 to 1953, and his pieces are coveted still today. Here are a few of the Duchess's loves from one-stop shop 1stdibs.

Wrought Iron Garden Set at Lost City Arts

"Montego" Garden Set at JF Chen

Iron Table and Chairs from a Southampton Estate at Eclectiques

Vintage Iron Chaise at Regan and Smith

So follow the Duchess's lead, readers, and snap up some Salterini. It's certainly worth the investment, and your tan will thank you.

1 comment:

  1. I have in the inventory room at my shop in Dayton, Oh a very unique Salterini table with 6 chairs. If anyone would like to see pics of it email me at Thedesignersconsignment@gmail.com



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