30 April, 2010

The Duchess Waxes Nostalgic . . .

For Her Old Kentucky Home

Heavy sigh. Once again, that historic Kentucky holiday is upon us -- Derby weekend. The Duchess is quite certain that all of you are gearing up right now, and you're all probably several bloodies ahead of her, and you're dressesd to the nines, and you're off of work, and your friends and family are all in town, and you're laughing, sitting in the sun, and watching those gorgeous ponies run. But the Duchess would never be bitter, would she? No, no, no.

She'll simply take revenge. Quietly, without you even knowing it, the Duchess will score the ultimate coup. One day, we'll run into one another at Doll's Market -- the Duchess will be wearing sunglasses and a hat, buying Alka Seltzer, Stoned Wheat Thins and diet ginger ale. You'll do a double take. Could it be . . . the Duchess? Come home to the Bluegrass?

And what you won't have known is that the Duchess snapped up this tidy little English manor home within spitting distance of the River, where she has been hosting landmark fetes and galas -- and hasn't invited you.

To borrow from the Talking Heads, home is where the Duchess wants to be, and this must be the place. Cobble Court sits on a two and one half acre site in Glenview, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and named to the Historic District Country Estates of River Road by the National Trust of Historic Preservation and the National Park Service. Not good enough for you? It was designed by Frederick Morgan and sited on grounds custom created by the Olmstead Brothers of Boston themselves. Four bedrooms, four baths -- the perfect size for Duchess and sons, with room a plenty for Mummie.

The house is perfection. Might need a slight tweaking on the inside though. Of course, that's where Mummie comes in, but the Duchess is certain to call upon her suite of creative friends and confidantes to take this baby from peaked to perky.

Who among you shall it be? Tune in tomorrow for the Duchess's choice. And darlings, please. If you must leave the racetrack, for heaven's sake, leave the keys and take a horse!

4318 Glenview Avenue
Louisville Kentucky 40025
Listed at $2,390,000 (Californians that is not a typographical error)
MLS #1269313

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