06 May, 2010

Drink Early, Drink Often

Now that's advice worth taking! Today the Duchess minded her own heed (at least, she minded some of her own heed. Never one for exemplary behaviour, that Duchess). Stolen moments in the sunshine made sweeter by the nectar of the gods, and even sweeter by the company of the Duchess's dear ones.

As the Duchess's hair has finally grown longer and taken shape . . .

she wasn't embarrassed to schedule a date with the Countess. We met before the sun rose over the Big Island and carried right on through till lunchtime, or until the management over at Little Dom's booted us out. Thank heavens the Countess is expecting, otherwise the inevitable boot-out certainly would have occurred much sooner. We splurged on breakfast pizza (Countess) and poached eggs with a side of mimosas (Duchess) -- rather lush.

A few more breakfast sessions with the Countess and the Duchess will be sporting Ralph Rucci gowns a la Andre Leon Talley. Such a bad influence, Countess! (Not that you weren't before . . . .)

Even the Marchioness made a cameo at Little Dom's. One more royal and we'd have a shooting party.

En route to the manor the Duchess stopped into Assouline, the bookseller at Melrose Place. Tucked away behind Assouline's stuccoed gate is the new rendition of Bastide, petite and discreet. Le menu appeared to be quite divine, and the rustle of trees shading the al fresco dining room lent the entire spectre a hedonistic glow. The Duchess shall return.

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