08 May, 2010

The Duchess Reminisces . . .

of Fridays, and of Home.

While everyone else in the Duchess's court is going to Graceland (quite literally!), the Duchess holds down the West Coast fort. Although she'd love nothing more than cradling that young Prince of Pennington in her arms (mon amour!), she has other pressing matters to which she must attend.

Par example, yesterday the Duchess was called upon to traverse her own local, yet hallowed grounds. The day began with a luncheon for the impossibly dashing Joe Nye (pictured above) at Hollyhock, where Joe and his peeking pocket square signed copy after copy of the terrifically enlightening book "Flair", Mr. Nye's own compendium of table setting and party planning tips. What a thrill it was for the Duchess to connoiter with the darling Mr. Nye, whose star is still ascending.

The luncheon was just one of a thousand events held yesterday in homage to the Legends of Design on La Cienega, Elle Decor and 1stDib's inaugural fete for the decorators and connoisseurs whose havens line that traffic-stricken street. The lovelies of C Magazine were over at Maison au Naturel, and Oliver Furth did a divinely inspired installation at Bausman & Company, but the Duchess (only slightly) preferred dishing with the Priestess and Margravine at Hollywood at Home. Oh, what fun we had, oohing and aahing over the trunk show wares and the spectacular window dressings. The Duchess gives thanks to her dear old Hollywood at Home pals, who rescued her from an otherwise sober existence.

From there, the Duchess was swept away to Cecconi's for an intense tete-a-tete with her beloved Earl of Burden. Several rieslings and beef tartare later, we were sated, restored, and prepared for the sublime . . . .

The evening wound down with an intimate fete in honor of Phillip Lim, the clothing designer whose architectural chutzpah humbles his North Robertson neighbors. Topped off with a nightcap or two, it made for a rather divine evening.

And today, the Duchess relished her two young lords, whose devotion and love salved all her wounds, and whose wonderment inspires her daily. Where would she be without them? Exactly. And so the Duchess gives great thanks to her sweet First Duke of Corbin, and the gifts he gave. In his memory she indulges today in a bit of Sauvignon Blanc (merci, Earl of Greenwich!) and the complete remastered edition of "Blood on the Tracks":

Situations have ended sad
Relationships have all been bad
Mine have been like Verlaine's and Rimbaud
But there's no way I can compare
All those scenes to this affair
You're going to make me lonesome when you go.

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