01 May, 2010

The Duchess Unveils . . .

Michael Bargo

Yesterday the Duchess promised her readers that she would reveal her elected collaborator for the interiors of Cobble Court. Today she proudly announces that none other than the spectacularly talented (not to mention Kentuckian!) Michael Bargo is the chosen one.

Young Mr. Bargo rocketed to fame a handful of years ago when his New York studio apartment was featured in the now-deceased Domino magazine (requiescat in pacem). He cut his teeth with modern master Thomas O'Brien of Aero before striking out on his own; though today he explores a variety of creative media Mr. Bargo is committed as ever to stylish, youthful, masculine and continental interiors.

The Duchess calls on Mr. Bargo because otherwise Cobble Court would be a stray cat mansion, swimming in chintz and Porthault (God willing), books, magazines and ashtrays littering every available surface. Very Grey Gardens meets Nicky Haslam in the country with a heavy dose of Deeda Blair. But none of that for Mr. Bargo. No, he would ensure that the Duchess's sons would reside in well-appointed interiors with room to move, think, and wrestle. He'd see to it that her children could differentiate between "deco" and "decor," and that all back editions of Southern Living be banished forever in the cool and muddy water that beckons down the street.

And what fun we'd have, selecting all the perfect pieces to round out the Duchess's current collection of oil portraits and taxidermy. First stop, bien sur, Maison Gerard, where we would revel in all the Jules Leleu and Marc Bankowsky that money can buy. When Benoist isn't looking we'll hurriedly grab that little Jean-Berenger de Nattes cocktail table, and with apologies to Jane's Addiction, walk right through the door. D'accord, Benoist?

Yes, the Duchess is quite certain that Mr. Bargo's French modernist bent, combined with his masculine tastes and neutral color palette preferences, is the perfect match for the Duchess's Diana Vreeland tendencies. Together, we'll create the perfect new old Kentucky home.

Photograph at top, courtesy of the New York Times. Photographs at bottom courtesy of Michael Bargo.


  1. fantastic designs. i adore the flooring.

    xo Alison

  2. love, love, love the living room.



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