25 May, 2010

The Duchess Views, and Entertains . . .

Sotheby's Auction of Polaroid Prints, Le Chateau

Work by David Hockney

Oy. Yesterday afternoon the Baroness beckoned for some company at a viewing party hosted by Sotheby's in honor of its June auction of a number of Polaroid prints, and the Duchess delivered. Life was good; street parking plentiful; canapes and Champagne en masse. The Polaroid company will auction works by David Hockney, Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, William Wegman, Andy Warhol, Chuck Close and others in June, now that a legal imbroglio over rights to the works has been resolved. Proceeds from the sale of over 1,200 photographs will be used to pay off the creditors of bankrupt Polaroid. Commerce wins again.

Post, the Baroness and Duchess cruised over to the Chateau where we met Grand-Mere for dinner, fresh off the plane from New York. Two hours of sleep never so looked so good as they did on Grand-Mere! Lovely to see you. All in all a wonderful Los Angeles night, sullied only by the Duchess's complete and utter failure to notice that she had parked her chariot in a Tow Away zone. Cost of doing business with the Duchess? Steep. Time spent with Baroness and Grand Mere? Why, priceless, of course!

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