10 June, 2010

The Duchess Dines, and Dines, and Dines . . .

Sawtelle Kitchen, Tom Bergin's, Terroni, and Spago! (With a little El Taurino thrown in.)

Never one for caloric deficiencies (at least, not since the late '90s, when caloric deficiences were tres comme il faut), the Duchess sunk her teeth in very deeply yesterday on a number of tremendously lishy meals. The Speaker of the House treated her to late lunch at Sawtelle Kitchen, an oasis of degustationary offerings in this wasteland that is West Los Angeles. Worth many a return visit ('specially on the Speaker's dime).

The Duchess's hellacious commute east on Olympic (rush hour, no less) merited a pit stop at Tom Bergin's tavern on Fairfax just north of San Vicente. Speaking of wastelands . . . .

Well-oiled, the Duchess summoned all her strength to brave the traffic up to Terroni. Che buon ristorante! And a spectacular view to boot.

The Duchess had to be rolled out of Terroni on a gurney of gorgonzola. But tonight, she'll be floating -- out of Spago, buoyed by burgundy and the company of Empress and the Queen Mum.

The Royal Family arrives tomorrow, let's celebrate! Considering a takeout dinner for ten or so, chez Duchess, from El Taurino. Thoughts/observations?

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