24 June, 2010

The Duchess Politely Suggests . . .

Taking a Tip from the Men of Pitti Uomo.

Pitti Uomo just wrapped up, and of course the Duchess has been on this side of the Atlantic (unlike the Baron and Baroness -- how the Duchess envies!). Luckily the Duchess can reliably call upon Mr. Tommy Ton, fashion photog extraordinaire, to document the very best in menswear detailing, in vivid, living color.

Without further ado the Duchess presents her favorites . . . . Gentlemen, your attention please.

Spectacularly well done. The cuff is amazing.

A classic, effortless (and sexy) workaday uniform.

A handkerchief is de rigeur: this one, in ivory linen with antique lace edging, complements this gentleman's more rustic look perfectly.

Fantastic color.

Calling Dick Diver. Love that cabled sweater. Nice hair too.

A bit too cheeky for the Duchess's taste, but what effort!

Windowpane check, expertly fitted vest, natty kerchief and evocative facial hair. Almost heaven.

The Duchess's other favorite color combination (besides navy and green, see supra). Fabulous casual look.

So unexpected.

Comfort made fashionable. The socks are visible and printed, and produce a less generic look than would a no-socks strategy. The stripe, naturally, in navy. What other color is there?

All photographs copyright of Tommy Ton, published through Gentleman's Quarterly.


  1. I think the styles are either too jarring or too simplistic, and in both instances lack the sophistication normally reqired to catch the DOC's eye.

  2. Cher Anonymous -- the DoC will concede some of these looks are indeed simply done, but simply done is often the very best we can hope for. And when it comes to fashion, men's or women's, the DoC prefers some style (even a jarring one, in your view) to none at all. Thank you for reading and for your thoughts! xxo the DoC



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