18 June, 2010

The Duchess Prepares . . .

for the Weekend, and Observes the Photography of Joseph Szabo and Richard E. Aaron

Bon weekend, dear readers. It's been one hell of a week. It's been one hell of a month, for that matter, but that's life for the Duchess -- never a dull moment. And although even the weekend is now booked up beyond all rationality, one item on the Duchess's must-do list is a stopover at M+B Gallery at 612 N. Almont Drive (in the Duchess's old neighborhood . . . sniffle, sniffle) to view Joseph Szabo's Jones Beach series. The Jones Beach photos, taken over a period spanning decades, riff on Joan Colom (whose Raval photographs the Duchess adores, beautifully chronicled in a Steidl monograph); they are more sensual than Irving Penn's carefully orchestrated portraits; they are more democratic and more carefree. (Thanks for the tip, Irene!)

And if one is in the market for black and white photography of the rock and roll kind, venture over to One Kings Lane and snap up a Richard E. Aarons from the Celebrity Vault; if you had hurried, loves, you could have had this enigmatic shot of Willie and Waylon -- alas it has been sold.

But you can still get down with Brown.

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