16 June, 2010

The Duchess Returns . . .

Nighty Night

The Duchess returns to the world, hereby inspired by the avant garde operatist David Chisholm, who romps around France even as she types, and also by the sweet vocal stylings of T. Rex. Today, the Duchess and Herr Chisholm exchanged fond remembrances of the BBC sitcom "Nighty Night", the wickedly brilliant brainchild of Julia Davis, who both wrote and starred in the series as its sociopathic star, Jill Tyrell.

The show launches with a diagnosis of terminal cancer given to Jill's husband Terry. Faced (somewhat excitedly) with the prospect of her husband's imminent death, Jill immediately begins her search for another man. Her escapades to a dating service matched her up with the Scottish suitor Glen Bulb (see immediately below), but it is her new neighbor, the womanising doctor Don, after whom she pines.

Jill truly stops at nothing in her pursuit of Don, much to the chagrin of Don's wheelchair-bound wife Cath.

"Nighty Night" is raunchily, raucously funny, but caveat emptor if you don't possess a strong stomach and an even stronger resilience to moral turpitude. It was described adoringly by The Times (of London) as "a blistering wall of superbly unredeemed cruelty that manages to trample over every social convention in a pair of cheap stilettos." Enough said.

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