30 July, 2010

Drink Early, Drink Often

The Michelada

The New York Times Style magazine, T, recently paid very great homage to that most drinkable of drinks, the michelada. The Duchess herself is newly converted to this magnificent cocktail, persuaded as she was one hot early summer's day at none other than the Getty Center, by none other than the Baroness herself. Armed with several bottles of icy cold Coronas, some margarita salt, tomato juice, hot sauce (Tapatio?) and ice (forgive the Duchess for misremembering the details of the ingredients; it was a hot early summer's day fueled by micheladas!), the Baroness ever so discreetly whipped up one of the tastiest and most refreshing bevvys the Duchess has enjoyed in quite some time.

The michelada is widely open to interpretation; get down the basics (listed above) in some capacity or another and one is well on her way to a tall glass of chilled bliss. T does promote the incorporation of a few dashes of Maggi Seasoning, but really, the elementary version of the michelada (not including it) should suit you just fine.

Without further ado, the michelada (with some help from T magazine, but significantly dumbed down):

-- tall glass
-- ice
-- cold beer (any lighter beer works; of course one may rely on Corona or Tecate)
-- hot sauce (dash)
-- juice of one lime (per drink)
-- visibly moderate amount of tomato juice (just eyeball it to taste)

Put some ice in the glass (or plastic cup, who really cares?). Cut lime, and use to moisten rim of glass/cup. Salt rim of glass/cup. Squeeze in lime. Add beer and tomato juice to suit fancy, plus dash of hot sauce. Drink to excess.

Perhaps the Duchess can drown a michelada or two this weekend while soaking up the sun and submerging herself into "Citrus County", the latest novel from John Brandon. Cheers!

Photograph at top courtesy of the New York Times

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