28 July, 2010

The Duchess Announces . . .

Deborah Needleman at the WSJ!

Apparently the Wall Street Journal is glamming up its act a bit by promoting Deborah Needleman of Domino fame to be the new editor-in-chief of its glossy magazine WSJ. The Duchess (among many, many others) still doesn't understand why Domino was shuttered (something to do with business, we suppose, but who cares about all that?); but she certainly is delighted that the talents of Ms. Needleman are being capitalized upon.

The Duchess has high hopes that Ms. Needleman will breathe fresh life into the Journal's semi-monthly magazine, and that it will feature brave, youthful interiors like the ones routinely championed at Domino:

(Please remind the Duchess who designed this room.)

Johnson Hartig's Hancock Park living room

A bedroom decorated by Miles Redd

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by my love Michael Bargo

and the Holy Shit How Did He Do It? apartment of Nick Olsen.

Perhaps its time to finally take a subscription!

(Cheers and thanks to Irene for keeping the Duchess updated!)

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