09 July, 2010

The Duchess In Love.

You've all heard the rumours by now. The Duchess? In a relationship? In love? Could it really be so?

It's true. The Duchess is completely, totally, head over heels in love, and this time it's for good. Who could have incited such passion in the Duchess?

None other than The Rutles, of course. The wit, humour, ingenuity and sheer fun of the Prefab Four have sent the Duchess well over the moon. Don't know The Rutles? But you must . . .

Rooftop Concert for "Let it Rut"

The Rutles are a Beatles parody group conceived and created by Monty Python-ites Eric Idle and Neil Innes (the latter of whom wrote all of the songs for the group's Beatles' pastiche). Eric Idle stars as Dirk McQuigley (styled after Paul McCartney); Neil Innes plays Ron Nasty (the John Lennon character). Rounding out the group are Rikki Fataar as Stig O'Hara (ala George Harrison, who himself makes a guest appearance in the 1978 mockumentary "All You Need Is Cash") and the legendary session drummer John Halsey as Barrington Womble MBE, or Barry Wom for short (in the role of Ringo Starr).

The Cover of "Shabby Road"

"All You Need Is Cash" follows the trajectory of The Rutles as an upstart Liverpudlian rock band making its way to fame and fortune, and eventually demise, from the Cavern nightclub in Liverpool to the studio on Shabby Road. The Rutles rocket to stardom on the strength of their songwriting and production, on their savoir faire and their spinal tap into the zeitgeist of the times.

The most attractive quality possessed by the Rutles, of course, is their sheer genius. Neil Innes's soundtrack to "All You Need Is Cash" (featuring such highlights as "Goose Step Mama", "Ouch!" (a spoof on "Help!"), "It's Looking Good", "Piggy in the Middle" (the Duchess's personal favorite), and the legendary "Cheese and Onions") is beyond, beyond, beyond brilliant.

Not to be overlooked, of course, are Mick Jagger's contributions to the mockumentary as an interviewee being questioned on the impact of the Rutles. When asked why the Rutles broke up, he had this to say:

QUESTION: Why do you think the Rutles broke up?

MICK: Why do I think they did? Why did the Rutles break up? Women. Just women getting in the way. Cherchez la femme you know.

QUESTION: Do you think they'll ever get back together again?

MICK: I hope not.

The Duchess in love. Courtesy of il senatore.

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