23 July, 2010

The Duchess Presents . . .

A Bit of Weekend Eye-Candy

This month's Vogue heralds "The Return of Cleavage." Really? Had it ever gone away? And if it did, by some godforsaken chance, did we ever want it to? Vogue, of course, considers the "return of cleavage" on the runway, and in the fall campaign advertisements, where there has been a true dearth of cleavage and any other heraldry of the true female form.

Since the Duchess is restrained in her editorial license from presenting copious examples of parfait poitrines for her readers' viewing pleasure, she thus considers another currently prevalent and hotly discussed "it girl" feature -- the diastema (otherwise known as "gap teeth").

Now some, even in the Duchess's close quarters, would debate the beauty merits of a fulsome spread right smack in the middle of the smacker, but the Duchess couldn't love it more. It's cheeky and fun, and adds a big dollop of adorable to what would otherwise be a generically sexy face. Take Lara Stone, for example (second photo from top). Quite lovely of course but without her diastema she wouldn't stand out from the crowd, you see, and she certainly wouldn't be the most in-demand model in the business today (which she is).

Of course, we all know that diastemas have been around for ages, what with the likes of Lauren Hutton (photo at bottom), Brigitte Bardot (photo immediately above), and Vanessa Paradis (photo third from top) all parading around with their God given whistles. But today's most fabulous girls -- luscious Lara Stone, and gorgeous Georgia May Jagger (photo at "Tops") -- are making everything old seem new again. Ah, youth!

Bon weekend, loveys. And please don't mind the gap. Leave that to the Duchess.

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