22 July, 2010

The Duchess Quite Fancies . . .

The Work of David Netto

This week's Style Compass on 1stdibs features none other than that preppy bon vivant of design, David Netto. Mr. Netto, though currently a Los Angeleno, brings a predominantly East Coast style to bear on all of his interiors, even his spot-on California mid-century homes. This is quite a feat.

Mr. Netto's Yankee refinement and politesse characterize the way he designs, on an aesthetic level, and the way he conducts business, on the personal level. He is as perfectly at home (and on top of his game!) redecorating the boudoir of a young woman for Teen Vogue (see photo at top) as he is an elegant Park Avenue family abode.

In the Duchess's opinion, he does bedrooms expertly, and this is a rarer strength than one may think. Many designers today fall back on formula when it comes to bedroom space, but all of Mr. Netto's bedrooms are uniquely suited to the individual client, and perfectly appointed. The above photograph of his own former bedroom at Washington Square (with a 401k's worth of Zuber paper) has been reproduced so many times it is now in the collective subconscious of design aficionados across the globe. (The Duchess remembers when it was originally published (in the late House and Garden, perhaps?) several years ago now; the bed, the wallpaper, the exposed television (quelle horreur) were all a revelation, and very new. You'll see those elements everywhere today.)

The Duchess loves this apartment kitchen. Like the Duchess these people obviously have to "make do" with lots of style in very little space. Mr. Netto's casual blend of pavers, off-the-shelf appliances, botanical prints and a water bowl for Fido hit the mark for easy, elegant living. His work never conveys a sense of trying too hard (the worst).

A colorful, lively and traditional tablescape, styled by Mr. Netto.

Bedroom on the Upper East Side, clinically depressing (only because the Duchess doesn't live in it).

What a pleasure to see today: traditional interiors with an abundance of chic simple and absolutely no pomp and circumstance. The Duchess quite fancies Mr. Netto, and she is certain that you will too. Read on: visit Mr. Netto over on 1stdibs or his own online address, David Netto Design.

All Photos Courtesy of David Netto Designs

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