08 July, 2010

The Duchess Recommends . . .

or, How the Duchess Suffered Defeat at the Hands of the Baron.

This one hurts, dear readers. Truly. The Duchess is only now recovering from the near-fatal blow dealt her yesterday by the Baron (and Baroness, though the Duchess suspects the Baron of driving the knife into her heart).

How could this have happened? It was bound to happen eventually. Yes, readers, the absolute worst has occurred. The Duchess has been bested.

Oh, it all began innocently enough. A feeble little ping! when the e-mail arrived in the Duchess's inbox. A click and clack en route to the final e-destination. But oh, when the Duchess arrived, such a sadness fell upon her. The Baron had uncovered, and then fancifully availed himself of (in true Baron fashion), the hippest, most elegant, playful and classy online invitations in the world from the heretofore unknown Paperless Post.

We all know of the Duchess's deep distaste for online (or e-mail) invitations. She so prefers the hefty weight of a paper card in her hand, and relishes the retro RSVP -- a telephone call. But the Baron and Baroness, cognizant as they are of trees and such like, take pains to reduce, recycle, and that other thing. In any event, they won this time. The Duchess opened an adorable party invitation via Paperless Post and may not ever go back to old-fashioned (read: Duchess-like) invitations again.

Paperless Post provides lots of yummy pre-styled invitations, but they offer endless possibilities for customization too. One may even send a paperless thank you note in script (see below). The whole thing gives the Duchess heart palpitations.

So get thee over to Paperless Post readers. And tell them the Baron sent you.


  1. And you didn't even see the version with the red envelope liner!

  2. That's probably because it costs more.



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