26 August, 2010

Drink Early, Drink Often

Tito's Vodka

We're gearing up for party time at the duchy in a major, major way, and the preparations alone are daunting enough to send the Duchess straight into the tentacles of the lunatic fringe. As fortune would have it though, her thoughtful and cosmopolitan friends (i.e., the Baron and Baroness) always come to her rescue.

Par example, yesterday the Duchess et le Baron delved deeply into a mentally taxing conversation regarding just what to serve on the vodka front. Several options were dismissed upon consideration as not quite the thing, and great confusion abounded until the mention of Tito's. Tito's vodka is domestically produced in Austin, Texas in a pot still by a young man of 45 years named Tito Beveridge (no, really). It's made of one hundred percent C-O-R-N, just like that delicious Kentucky mountain dew.

So drink often, and more importantly drink early. If you show up late to the duchy, the Tito's may be all gone by the time you arrive.

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