19 August, 2010

The Duchess Admires . . .

Artist Julie Mehretu

Excerpt (Suprematist Evasion), 2003

This morning while patiently waiting at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car at Sepulveda and Olympic Boulevards, the Duchess paged through a copy of the June/July 2010 edition of Uptown magazine. (Uptown is a terrific magazine that suffers terribly from lack of attention to its editorial content. But the Duchess digresses.) Uptown profiled Julie Mehretu, the Ethiopian-born, Detroit-raised 39 year-old art world sensation whose recent work Mural (see immediately below) -- her largest work to date -- was relatively recently installed in the lobby of the Goldman Sachs building.

Stadia I, 2004

A bit of the uproar surrounds the alleged $5 million price tag attached to Mural. When asked about her relationship to Goldman Sachs, Mehretu stayed (perhaps appropriately) mum, pointing out that her interest related "to the art, the painting, and to this possibility." And how!

Renegade Delirium, 2004

But Goldman Sachs doesn't have the monopoly on Ms. Mehretu at least. Her layered abstracts, inspired by an eighteen month stint in Berlin for a series of pieces commissioned by Deutsche Bank, are currently on view at the Guggenheim New York in an exhibit entitled "Grey Area" through October 6, 2010. Definitely a Duchess-worthy event.

The artist Julie Mehretu

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