27 August, 2010

The Duchess Enjoyed . . .

A Week (or more) of Birthdays

The birthdays keep on coming in the Duchess's world. Monday saw Mummy celebrate another year; we're very lucky to have her! (Unlike the late Keith Moon, who for some stretch of years did share Mummy's birthday. Rest in peace Moon.)

The various birthday celebrations have occurred all over our fair city. On Saturday, we had a leisurely brunch at Dominick's. It was perfect. We handed over our paychecks and the libations kept on coming. Funny how that works. And the Duchess would expect nothing less from Dominick's, an establishment reliable for fuelling the Duchess and her cohort.

We also dined at the very lish and au courant Gjelina.

But last night's party was perhaps the most enjoyable (to date) of all. After wolfing down tacos al pastor at El Patio

a peppy cadre of us climbed a clandestine stairway into the club La Descarga, on a less-than-memorable strip of Western Avenue. La Descarga was fabulous. The drinks (one had better enjoy rum!) were fabulous. The energy was fabulous. The clientele was fabulous. No photographs. Just go and see for yourselves.

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