16 August, 2010

The Duchess Recommends . . .

Birthday Gifts for Mummy

Last week ushered in a wave of births (welcome, KN) and birthdays, and with them the inevitable confusion surrounding welcome and appropriate gifts. The Duchess herself anticipates the very near celebration of her own Mummy's birthday, and in so doing deliberates the merits of a handful of darling prezzies.

The Duchess is crazy for Kate Spade's Hopper dot mini vase (shown above, available at www.katespade.com). Stuffed with a fistful of tulips or peonies, it would make a lovely brunch centerpiece too.

For the entertaining mummy, may the Duchess suggest a set of four of these daffodil glasses by New Arcadia (for sale at Barneys (you know where that is), or on sale at www.vivre.com)? Perfect for discreetly sipping that post-tennis gin and tonic . . . .

A woman of any age would adore this paisley print scarf by Chan Luu from Calypso. It's a year-round staple for chilly Los Angeles nights and a nice improvement over a basic white shirt.

A favorite Los Angeles paperie is Sugar Paper (located next to Clementine on Ensley Avenue in Westwood). Among a million other adorable things they sell this Audrey Desk Calendar with stand, very lovely for mummy's office.

And finally, who could resist a piece of jewelry from the extremely talented and oft-photographed Temple St. Clair Carr? No one but the paying party. Luckily Ms. Carr will debut a line of jewelry, all priced at under $50 (including the necklace above), for Target beginning on August 29. If only Mummy's birthday were a little later in the month! (And may the Duchess recommend the real thing for a new mummy?)

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