22 September, 2010

The Duchess Rather Likes . . .

The New Town & Country

Oh, yes.  Since House Beautiful alum Stephen Drucker took the reins at Town & Country, he has breathed new, fresh life into that old but dear glossy.  Although he's missed (by the Duchess, at least) at his old publication, the Duchess is confident he will work wonders in his new milieu.

This is proven already by the most recent edition of T&C, "T&C Goes to L.A.!"  And how!  Just like the terrific C Magazine (the Duchess's absolute favorite), the rest of the world seems to be catching on to just how many treasures there are for readers to explore in our practically perfect hometown. 

One such treasure, perhaps overlooked until now, is the terrific shop Coleen & Company.  Ms. Coleen Rider sets out to do just what she proposes:  selling antique and vintage items with flair!  Though Recessionista-chic precludes the Duchess from scooping up Coleen's entire stock, there's no reason why you readers shouldn't.  Even T&C sees the genius in Coleen, featuring in its fabulous L.A. edition her genius Tole Tent Lanterns, handpainted in California, available in standard and custom sizes and any color of Benjamin Moore paint.  Smart, elegant additions to any room in any home.

Visit her at Coleen & Company, for a tole tent lantern or other goody of your choice.

The Duchess is grateful to Joni Webb at Cote de Texas for photo of Tole Tent Lanterns in situ.

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