28 September, 2010

The Duchess Recommends . . .

Jordan Cappella Design

This weekend the Duchess had the great pleasure of having brunch with Jordan Cappella, a Venice Beach-based Renaissance man.  A furniture designer and interior decorator, Jordan cut his teeth at Tod's and Hogan, then re-located to Los Angeles (via Sydney) to launch his namesake furniture and home fragrance lines. 

Being the lovey that he is, Jordan brought us each one of his Keandre candles.  Keandre is made with all natural biodegradable ingredients that are non-GMO and pesticide free.  The candle is made from 100% certified natural coconut fruit wax which is completely sustainable.  USDA Organic, Kosher, etc. etc. etc.  Keandre smells very fresh and yummy besides . . .

Jordan Cappella candles available at RK Apothecary, 2443 Main Street, Santa Monica, and at http://www.jordancappella.com/

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  1. Thanks for the post. It was such a pleasure to meet you.



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