27 September, 2010

The Duchess Wasn't Invited . . .

Big turnout on Saturday to fete the "unmasking" of LACMA's new Lynda and Stewart Resnick Pavilion, designed by Renzo Piano.  The Duchess understands from news reports (as she was not in attendance herself -- but at quite a fantastic alternative) that the opening gala garnered more than $5 million to benefit LACMA.  This is in addition, of course, to the $45 million already given by the Resnicks to build and support their new namesake, which will open to the public (that means you and me) on Saturday, October 2.

In true Hollywood fashion, a who's who of film and television personalities came to support the Resnicks and to cheer their generous donation.  Doesn't Jaclyn Smith look great?  (The Duchess didn't see this fab frock among her wares at K-Mart.  There are a few pieces worth checking out, though.) 

 Olivia Wilde
 Jaclyn Smith
 Kim Kardashian
Nicole Richie

There was not much press coverage of the exhibits being featured in the new Resnick Pavilion, but those will include (for now) "Olmec:  Colossal Masterworks of Ancient Mexico" (giant basalt carvings), "Eye for the Sensual:  Selections from the Resnick Collection" (European paintings and sculptures from the Resnicks' own collection), and "Fashioning Fashion:  European Dress in Detail, 1700-1915".  This last exhibit, per the New York Times, will run through April 3 and will feature LACMA's "newly acquired, and reportedly groundbreaking, trove of European clothing."  Not to be missed. 

Photographs courtesy of WireImage via FabSugar, except photograph of Resnick Pavilion, taken from the Huffington Post and copyright LACMA.

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