20 October, 2010

The Duchess Applauds . . .

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

On Monday, October 18, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard received the Andrew Martin Interior Designer of the Year Award at the Pacific Design Center.  The award is a magnificent honor, duly recognizing the versatililty, artistry, and skill of Mr. Lawrence-Bullard, one of the premier decorators to the stars (notable clients include Cher, Cheryl Tiegs, Elton John, Ellen Pompeo and Allen Ivery, and Eva Mendes, among others). 

A handful of images from Mr. Lawrence-Bullard's own portfolio evidence his mastery of style, scale, color and spirit. 
A graphic living room.

A whimsical tented bedroom.

A serene, elegant dining room (love those globes!).

An orientalist library/sitting room. 

A coastal dining area.

For those of us mere mortals whose interiors the work of Mr. Lawrence-Bullard will never grace, a slice of his divinity is available for a reasonable number of quid through his candle line.  A selection is available at design mecca Hollywood at Home.  

Spice Bazaar (the Duchess's choice).



Congratulations to Mr. Lawrence-Bullard on his accomplishments.

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