07 October, 2010

The Duchess Likes it on the Floor.

Morton Bartlett, "Model Children," at LEADAPRON

The Duchess is tres excited for her date tonight with the adorable JS at LEADAPRON, the fine art, photography and rare books purveyor nestled in the heart of Melrose Place.  LEADAPRON shows photographs of the works of Morton Bartlett, the adopted and only child of a Boston Brahmin couple who was educated at Harvard and went on to an illustrous career as a sculptor of anatomically correct children.  Yes indeed.  A linear trajectory if the Duchess has ever seen one.

 Bartlett created a "fantasy family" of these sculpted children, meticulously dressing and posing them in a variety of staged scenarios mimicking everyday life.  Reading a book, playing with puppy, in the garden. 

Only after his death in 1992 and the dissolution of his estate did Bartlett gain notoriety as a modern-day Lewis Carroll.  A show of large format original prints of his work will be shown starting tonight (opening from 7 pm to 9 pm) at LEADAPRON, 8445 Melrose Place, Los Angeles, California 90069. 

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