15 October, 2010

The Duchess Nests . . .

On an average Southern California weekend, we Los Angelenos may be found soaking in the rays on the outdoor patio at Chateau Marmont; hiking up the sun-drenched hills of Runyon Canyon; or casually tossing the pigskin in our front or back yards.  Rare is the grey and dreary day, but when it rears its rainy head, we hardly know what to do with ourselves.  Luckily for the Duchess, there is plenty of nesting to be done.  This overcast and drizzling weekend is certain to bring out her inner Martha Stewart.

Step One:  Light up a roaring fire.  Better yet, have someone more equipped handle this job.  Perhaps the Duchess can demonstrate her involvement by investing in one of these copper pots for fireside tinder organization.  

(Pottery Barn)

Step Two:  Pick up Ina Garten's new cookbook, Barefoot Contessa:  How Easy is That? at local Borders or Barnes & Noble.  Actually buy two copies, one for the Duchess and one for beautiful neighbor (also an impressively good cook).  Attempt to eat only a few turkey meatballs, instead of entire dish.


Step Three:  Complete closet makeover with enormous donation to Goodwill and a handful more of John Derian's Marble Bins, available at http://www.target.com/.  These are perfect for stowing handbags and sweaters.
Step Four:  While purchasing John Derian Marble Bins, scoop up several more bushels of Caldrea dish soaps and countertop cleansers.  Caldrea makes the absolute best-smelling home cleaning products in the business.  The Duchess is obsessed with the line Caldrea produced for Target:  luxury at a much lower price.  Makes cleaning even more fun than the Duchess could possibly imagine.  

Steps Five through at least Ten:  Consume copious amounts of Huntington Sauvignon Blanc while by fireside, while eating turkey meatballs, while cleaning closet, and while obsessively scrubbing kitchen.  Yes, the recession continues to haunt us, but at $5.00 per bottle at your local Bristol Farms (and it's seriously that good!), you can rest easy knowing that you're sparing your wallet and supporting the higher education of Kenyan children (it's true).
Eat, drink, and be merry readers, for tomorrow will soon be Monday yet again. 

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