05 October, 2010

The Duchess Pays a Visit . . .

Sweet Rose Creamery

Yesterday the Duchess was able to slip away for a quick lunch with the Princess C. at A Votre Sante in Brentwood.  All that health food shocked the system, so the Duchess popped into Sweet Rose Creamery in the Brentwood Country Mart for a little afternoon delight.

At lunch at Huckleberry a few weeks ago the other Princess C. raved about Sweet Rose (also owned by the Huckleberry/Rustic Canyon impresarios Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan) and its delicious Salted Caramel ice cream; she insisted the Duchess pay a visit.  And pay she did!

Sweet Rose makes all of its ice creams each day using sugar and entirely organic milk, cream and eggs -- no stabilizers or ice cream bases.  This attention to quality and detail produces the richest, most flavorful ice cream anyone could imagine.  The Duchess sampled the must-do Salted Caramel, and the Peaches and Cream (both amazing) but came away with a scoop of Blueberries and Bits.  She just about wrecked her car (again) while simultaneously driving back to work and swooning over that yummy scoop.

Sweet Rose Creamery is located next to Caffe Luxe in the Brentwood Country Mart and is open seven days a week from noon until ten p.m.  Please pay a visit too -- you won't be disappointed. 

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