04 November, 2010

The Duchess Attends . . .

Tierney Gearon at Soho House

Photograph by Tierney Gearon

Last night the Duchess had the always tremendous pleasure of spending time at Soho House.  The expansive views of Los Angeles alone are enough to solicit romantic notions of this dark, kinetic city . . . 

But, oh, the Duchess had the loveliest view of all.  

She was tete-a-tete with the Marchioness, that's why!  We sat here, didn't we sweetie?

But only after taking in a lecture by (in)famous fine art and commercial photographer Tierney Gearon in the newly opened screening room (christened last week by none other than Bob Evans himself -- the Duchess tried to swipe some of his DNA from the cashmere blanket under which she swaddled).

Ms. Gearon is popular world-wide for her remarkable images primarily of children, though she photographs all manner of human subjects.  She began her career as model, and while traveling for that profession took many so-called "beauty shots" of fellow models on Polaroid.  From these beginnings she went on to show her work at the Saatchi Gallery ("I Am A Camera") and at Phillips de Pury (under the title "Explosure", later exhibited at Ace Gallery), and her images are featured regularly in editorials. 

The lecture, for the Duchess, was quite interesting not only because she had not known so many details about the life of Ms. Gearon leading her to the present day, but because it raised (or reiterated) the issue of how clearly delineated are our identities within the family structure.  Ms. Gearon, made notorious by her Saatchi Gallery show in 2001 because of some public reaction to the nude pictures of her children, wrestles with this question in almost all of her fine art photography, and it is a proper subject to tackle. 

Of course, her commercial work also raises important questions.  For example:

Ben Silverman at the Beverly Hills Hotel for W Magazine.  Is that a Porthault tablecloth?  OMFG.

All photographs of the Soho House, West Hollywood at http://www.sohohousewh.com/.  All other photographs copyright of the captivating Tierney Gearon.

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  1. Yes indeed, we sat exactly there... and the view is always sweeter with you and a nice glass of sancerre. xo Marchioness



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