09 November, 2010

The Duchess Dispatches . . .

from Nashville

Greetings from Nashville, where the Duchess enjoys a steady diet of country music, ham and biscuits.  Now the Duchess is well aware that much of her devoted readership lives within easy driving distance of Nashville, and comes to town every now and again, but for those of you not so fortunate as to venture to the Music City often enough, the Duchess presents a little local flavor.  Nashville offers that great balance of a uniquely Southern, artistic town with the sophistication and cool of a metropolis. 

First stop Flyte, a wonderful restaurant nestled between some train tracks and the Frugal MacDougal liquor store (also worth a visit).  Our inaugural Nashville meal was at Flyte, and the Duchess was very pleased with the warm atmosphere, cheerful service, robust wine list and delicious lamb saddle.  The house made bacon and egg appetizer is also incredible, by definition. 

Located near downtown is the relatively new development The Gulch, which for you Durhamites is reminiscent of Brightleaf Square or the American Tobacco district.  Formerly underutilized warehouses on the perimeter of the urban area, The Gulch now features a number of local favorite restaurants (Watermark, Cantina Laredo, Urban Flats to name a few), independent retailers, and apartment housing.  Very convenient to Music Row.

Not very convenient to Music Row but completely worth the venture is the legendary Loveless Cafe, located near the intersection of I-40 (to Memphis) and Highway 100.  It's a glorious drive from downtown Nashville down Route 100 to the Cafe, where the typical breakfast dish includes biscuits, ham, eggs, hashbrown casserole, coffee and orange juice.  Be sure and pick up a country ham or two for the holidays while you're there.

More to follow readers!  And please let the Duchess know if you have any Nashville recommendations for her.

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