17 November, 2010

The Duchess Poses a Very Serious Question . . .

Who is eating at Gordon Ramsay at The London West Hollywood?

By the looks of it, not nearly enough of you.  As we near the end of the year, confronted by the inevitable exercise of making "top ten" lists and the like, the Duchess considered (post-meal) that it had to be among the best of 2010.

There hasn't been sufficient brouhaha about Gordon Ramsay's West Hollywood outpost, or if there has been, the Duchess missed it all.  It opened quietly, along with the equally quiet opening of The London hotel (a New York favorite of the Duchess's).  But it deserves much more attention.

A view of the dining room.

A meal begins with extremely attentive service (almost too attentive, the one negative the Duchess found) and a serving of crostini with a truflled mascarpone and ricotta spread.  If the crostini and truffle spread do not suit one, never fear:  a basket of warm, deliciously crusty bread with salted butter immediately follows. 

The three course meal is reasonably priced (for this market) at $64, exclusive of beverages.  One may substitute a second appetizer for the dessert, and the Duchess is divided on whether she would recommend doing so.  A roasted chestnut soup with foie gras and fried duck arancini is a divine starter; the hamachi is quite good; and the crispy pig with fig is melt-in-the-mouth rich and buttery. 

A second view of the dining room.

As a main course the John Dory cannot be beaten.  Though we also ordered the halibut, of the two fish (predictably) the John Dory was far superior in preparation and flavor.  It was accompanied by a smattering of brussels sprout leaves, peas, diced carrots and a half or two of fingerling potatoes.  The fish is the feature of the dish and the serving size is robust but not rotund, if you take the Duchess's point.

For dessert we had the pumpkin souffle.  It was served with (the Duchess recalls) a nutmeg glace and a little bit of sweet cream.  Breathtaking. 

Please, please, please.  Head over to Gordon Ramsay at The London.  You won't be disappointed.  

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