01 December, 2010

The Duchess Admires . . .

The Work of Elizabeth Dinkel

Here come the holidays, and with them, a host of redecorating tasks.  Put up the tree, but where?  Usually requires the moving of a piece of furniture.  Garland the fireplace mantle, but oh!  What to do about the tchotchkes that adorn it nearly year-round?  Stuff them in the closet, perhaps.  One opens the closet, and out comes a torrent (at least in the Duchess's case) of children's toys. 

The average American home comes in at approximately 2,000 square feet and holds approximately 3.20 people.  These estimates do not take into account 130 lb dogs and six tons of Legos.  For many if not most of us it is necessary (and delightful) to incorporate our children, and their endless stream of things, into the makeup of our homes.  Often this insurgence happens naturally and with little aesthetic engineering. 

Not so when Elizabeth Dinkel comes to task.  Ms. Dinkel is a West Hollywood-based interior designer with a pedigree in the business so rich she puts Elizabeth Pyne to shame.  (An overstatement, perhaps, but Ms. Dinkel has decorating in her DNA; she trained at her mother's feet with the firm of Leta Austin Foster.)  This heritage-based education surely shows.  Ms. Dinkel's rooms, both child-dedicated and child-inundated, are warm, cozy, ordered, and full of life.  But don't take the Duchess's word for it . . . . 

All images courtesy of http://elizabethdinkeldesign.com/

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