07 December, 2010

The Duchess is Thrilled!


Last Thursday the Duchess had such fun traipsing over her old stomping grounds at the performance of "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" by the effervescent Ryan Heffington troupe at MOCA Grand Avenue.  To be even more precise, Heff's punks took over the entire expanse of lower Grand between Kosciuszko and 4th, completely throwing out of whack the homeward-bound commuting patterns of irritated lawyers everywhere.  Hip hip for that. 

Post-performance, the Duchess, together with the Earl of Greenwich, toured the latest exhibition at MOCA, The Artist's Museum.  Such a delight to see all those Devendra Banhart ink-on-papers on the wall!  But even better was Doug Aitken's "Electric Earth" (1999), an eight dvd installation that left an extremely big impression.  

The best part of all is that the Duchess came away from the evening with a free MOCA membership.  (Too bad the Earl of Greenwich won't be around much longer to enjoy it with her.) 

The Artist's Museum
now through January 31, 2011
MOCA Grand Avenue
250 S. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, California  90012

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